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Q: Where can I find documentation on theWall commands ?
A: All of the commands in theWall are built from unmodified FreeBSD sources so you can refer to the standard FreeBSD man pages for documentation.

Q: Why is my broadcast address on my inside network wrong ?
Q: Why is my inside network's netmask ignored ?
A: I messed up rc.conf when I "simplified" things. To fix it edit rc.conf and change the line:
eval ifconfig_${iif}=\"inet ${iip}\" # Set IP address of inside interface
eval ifconfig_${iif}=\"inet ${iip} netmask ${imask}\" # Set IP address of inside interface

Q: Why does theWall crash with a kernel fault when I boot the pxe version ?
A: Good question! This appears to occur when a packet is received at exactly the wrong time as the system is initializing. If you disconnect your outside interface until after theWall has booted the chance of crashing is reduced. I've *NEVER* see this crash on the non-pxe bootable versions or during normal operation. If you have please let me know the details. A problem report has been entered in the FreeBSD GNATS system.

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